Round 14 – From the Stands

Round 14 saw Playford travel to Athlestone to face Eastern United for three points. This game saw a fairly regular Playford lineup play the second to top team on the ladder. Playford fought hard and there was no lack of effort over the 90 minutes. In the first half Playford had some success down the wings through Maguire and Hulls who were able to consistently turn and beat their opponents. Unfortunately Playford were not able to secure a point and lost 2-1. The players showed the strength and resilience that was evident in the earlier rounds and it was a much improved performance. Although the team has been on a losing run for some time this performance showed that there is not as much difference between our team and the top teams in the league. With the introduction of a new senior coach we hope the we can collect some points in the remaining games and start building a winning mentality for the future.

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