The Technical Patriot

This column deals with issues and things you can do to help improve your game.
Make sure you get your parents or carers permission to use a ball inside the house first!
Something you should always do is have a ball at your feet, it doesn’t have to be a soccer ball, it can be a soft ball especially inside the house, it doesn’t have to be as big as the ball you play outdoors with.
All you want to be doing with this ball is touching it with your feet as you walk around, in your room, watching tv, in the back yard, you don’t need to kick it, touch it with the top of your foot, bottom of your foot, side of your foot, inside of your foot, on both feet.
Do this every day you get a chance to and in a short space of time your touch on the ball will be so much better and the ball will feel like it’s part of your foot.

At training, get there 10 minutes early and do the same with the balls you have at training, there is plenty of time to kick a ball at training so your coach will be happy to see you taking small touches moving around with a ball before training. When training starts put the ball back and get ready to learn from your coach!

This is a simplified method to an introduction to ball mastery which is an essential part of helping a player understand what the ball can and can’t do when they move it with their feet.

Keep practising, the more you practice the easier it gets.

See you all next time.
Keep footballing.

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